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If your organisation would like to improve employment opportunities for trans and gender diverse individuals,  please list your job board here.

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Placement Services

If you are a trans or gender diverse person seeking employment we have a range of ways of assisting you.

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Consulting,Training and Support for Employers

Let us help you with your trans inclusion.

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Since 1993

The Business Case for Transgender Inclusion

When it comes to the new frontier of workplace diversity, few issues stand out as prominently as the rights of transgender individuals, and the associated practical and cultural challenges for employers in ensuring that those individuals are supported in, and given every opportunity to contribute to, their workplace without risk of harassment, discrimination or victimisation. mention that.

When people can be themselves at work, they are more productive and more engaged. For trans and gender diverse people, not being themselves can cause very serious mental health issues. When a workplace makes it clear that is supports trans people, including those who wish to transition, it contributes to a more productive workplace and happier, more engaged employees.

There is also a significant element of risk mitigation in ensuring your workplace is as inclusive as possible.


Next Steps...

There are many ways that you can assist us to deliver recruitment opportunities for trans and gender diverse people.

If you are an employed trans person who wants to tell your story to inspire other trans and gender diverse people, let us tell your story on portfolio page. You can also assist by mentoring our job seekers.

If you represent an organisation that is keen to provide recruitment opportunities for trans and gender diverse applicant, then please contact us. We can list your organisation and your job board and provide you with assistance.

If you can assist trans people with suitable corporate attire, please contact us. You can also help us by donating funds to help us run our programs.