Our Approach

Our Approach

Our purpose is to improve recruitment for  trans and gender diverse people.  We  offer services to individuals to assist them with transition in the workplace, as well as services for organisations.

This site also has as one of it's main goals, to highlight talented trans and gender diverse people who are working in great roles and inclusive workplaces. In so doing we not only inspire other trans people, but we display the value of diversity to workplaces who may have never considered recruiting trans people.

We  do that via our #EmployTrans Project which highlights TGD people in a range of careers. If you are trans/gender diverse and you would like to share your story on our Portfolio page, please contact us

Our Story

If you are a member of another LGBTI program, we are not here to replace that. We are here to add to that from the point of view of trans employees. All three of our team are trans. We have a perspective that you just won't obtain from the cisgender viewpoint, we have lived experience. We are happy to work in partnership with other organisations.

We are your trans inclusion and trans recruitment specialist and much more.

Meet the Team


Kimberly Olsen


"Kimberly has for the last two years worked very closely on a range of diversity initiatives. She has spoken at Diversity Council Australia (DCA) Seminars on gender diversity (women in leadership), has spoken at several conferences and universities on gender diversity, all with fabulous unsolicited feedback. She has provided thought leadership on many diversity topics and has been a subject matter expert on the Rainbow Tick accreditation (LGBTI Inclusive Service Provision) and the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people within the workforce.  Her most significant work has been on the inclusion of transgender and gender diverse people within the recruitment process, her work on LGBTI inclusive service provision and the preliminary setup of the Pride in Health & Wellbeing program. She is a fabulous speaker and trainer."


Hannah Mouncey


Hannah Mouncey is an international athlete, Australian Rules footballer and CEO of Transform Coaching and Speaking, a company which focuses on policy development and diversity training for both corporate and sporting organisations. In addition to this she is a member of the board of directors of Handball Australia and is the author of Valkyrja.

As an athlete Hannah is currently a member of the Australian handball team and narrowly missed out on qualification for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. In October 2017 her ability to compete in the AFLW was controversially denied due to her being transgender.


Melissa Griffiths


Melissa was brought up in Auckland where she gained a variety of experience through a variety of roles in retail, sales and the mailing industry.  Melissa has solid experience in management and client service.  
Melissa is a Transgender Authority and advocate who lives in Melbourne. She is also an advocate for transgender rights, consultant, MC and keynote speaker who was finalist for Victorian LGBTI person of the year award. 
Melissa  has raised a lot of awareness around how to make the workplace more inclusive for transgender people.  Melissa has also managed to get a gender identity policy introduced at the Victoria Racing Club and also the Melbourne Racing Club. 
Melissa was recently featured on Channel 10’s popular morning show Studio 10.  Melissa is a freelance journalist who has written a lot of the interviews that she has featured.  She is also a well respected Media Commenator.
Melissa is also a Female Ambassador for YGap and their Polished Man campaign. 

Our Story

Trans Employment Program Australia is the work of Kimberly Olsen and is modelled loosely on the Trans Employment Program in the US- many thanks to them.

When Kimberly came to the realisation that she needed to transition (at 53 years of age), or face the very real possibility of suicide, she began looking for an employer who would just accept her as she was. She found that to be a huge and demoralising task. Her tenacity to apply for 128 roles saw her finally successful.

She worked for two years assisting many organisations with LGBTI inclusion, across many sectors especially in the provision of health care.

She realised that there is much more to do, especially for trans and gender diverse people.  A strong believer in the "nothing about us without us philosophy" she believes the best person to teach organisations about gender diversity, is someone who has lived experience. Identifying not just as a woman with trans history but also as lesbian, Kimberly Olsen is able to engage with organisations regarding not just gender diversity, but sexual diversity as well.

Make a Difference

If you are a prospective employer who wishes to make a very real difference to the lives of transgender people, please contact us.

Political Action

Put your votes and your advertising with those who are supportive of trans people, not with transphobes.