We hope that this story telling and photo project will both provide inspiration and serve to recognize the talents and skills within our communities, as well as acknowledging the obstacles we face in having these talents recognized. We intend to bring together an amazing group of trans people who are working in a wide range of fields. The #EmployTrans campaign raises visibility that trans and GNC people have so much to offer the workplace.

If you are a trans or gender diverse person and you would like to be featured here, please contact us so that we can tell your story. Let's highlight all that trans people can bring to a workplace.  Join our #EmplyTrans Campaign .

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Employ Trans Campaign

The Australian Trans Employment Program's #EmployTrans campaign will feature people from across and beyond the spectrum of trans, queer, and gender non-conforming communities and their experiences with employment. The goal of the project is the increase trans visibility in the workplace and inspire employers to create a diverse and inclusive workforce. #EmployTrans

We also highlight our job seekers here. We hope that you can employ them or sponsor their learning and development.


Our inspiring stories of trans and gender diverse people are located in our Portfolio page.

Employ One of Our Job Seekers
 Make a difference for one of our job seekers and bring some diversity of thought into your organisation. Employ a trans/gender diverse person.