Employment Assistance

If you are trans/gender diverse, let us assist you in your search for meaningful employment.


We offer mentoring to trans and gender diverse people. Our mentors can assist you with any professional and personal development.

Professional Development L&D

Our program seeks sponsors to help trans and gender diverse people gain vital skills. We work with sponsors to help you with the learning and development you desire.



Are you looking for work?

We take a very holistic approach helping you become a very attractive candidate for employers. Our Trans Employment Program  supports you through every aspect of the job search process and matches you with trans friendly employers: from setting a goal and targeting employers, to building outstanding resumes and cover letters, to practicing successful interview techniques, identifying references, and salary negotiations. We are here to help you land the job that is a perfect fit for you.

TEPA team members are experts in helping you address concerns like:

  • What name do I put on my resume or application if my name is different from the one on my ID documents?
  • Should I come out to past employers or reference?
  • How do I ask my manager or team members to use my pronouns?
  • What are my rights when it comes to accessing health benefits or public accommodations at work?
  • How can I make sure others understand and respect my rights and recognize all that I have to bring to the position?

We can help make sure you are prepared and know your rights. After you are hired, we are there to help you excel and advance in your career through continued training and follow-up support.

All Job Seeker Services are free! Check out what we offer:

Career Coaching – Help you find your dream job!

Job Search Support – Resumes, Interviews, Tips for Trans & GNC Job Seekers

Workshops – Leadership Training, and Life Skills Classes

Legal Services – ID Document Support, and Transitioning on the Job

Networking – Professional Mentoring and Community Events

Referrals – Housing, Healthcare, and Local Resources

Jobs – Job Postings and Referrals to Employers

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