If your organisation would like to be listed here as a trans-inclusive employer, please respond to the below questions providing proof where possible. Listing is free to those who score the appropriate level of points. Complete the survey and email to ceo@transemploymentprogram.org.au and we will contact you with the result.

  1. Is your organisation a member of Pride in Diversity? Provide evidence please.
  2. Are you currently ranked Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum in that program? Provide evidence please.
  3. Do you have a transition support policy?  Provide evidence please.
  4. How many trans and gender diverse (TGD) people are on your board? Provide evidence please.
  5. How many TGD people are in other senior leadership positions? Provide evidence please
  6. How many of these TGD people in leadership were out to your recruitment team at the time you hired them?
  7. How many TGD people are reverse mentoring your cisgender leaders? (they do not need to be employees) Provide evidence please.
  8. How many out TGD people have you hired? (they needed to be out at interview). Provide evidence please. (You may de-identify the evidence)
  9. How many TGD employees have progressed their careers in your employ through mentoring? Provide evidence please. (You may de-identify the evidence)
  10.  How many TGD employees have you fired or otherwise terminated their employ but not mentored? (Remember, the trans community is small and highly connected. We will likely know if you provide false evidence.)
  11. How many trans and gender diverse people have left your employ telling you that they feel unsafe or similar words.
  12. Given that 30% of trans and gender diverse people are fired, mistreated or denied a promotion, what processes have you put in place to –
    Prevent constructive dismissal. These may include training your senior leaders about the kinds of complaints managers and others may use to build a false case for dismissal or creating a panel of leaders who examine any claims of poor performance, or other matters that are being utilised to make a case for dismissal, career planning and mentoring for TGD staff.
  13. Given that three independent studies show that trans people when seeking work are one fifth as likely to be hired for the same role as their less qualified, less experienced cisgender peers-What measures has your organisation put in place to ensure that some form of positive discrimination is applied for trans job seekers to compensate for the above which is an indicator of conscious or unconscious bias. Please do not include unconscious bias training as it has been shown by many studies that it is ineffective. Examples may be identified positions, modified interview processes etc.

If your organisation has been less inclusive in the past and fired trans employees without offering mentoring by leaders. Contact us about how you can move forward and learn from that experience.