Some years ago a question was posed to a panel I was on. We were asked about the role of governments in social change. My reply as an almost graduated political scientist was

"don't look to governments to make social change, it is not what they do. When they do it alone, it is almost always universally for the worse."

Change comes from the people creating social justice movements, from mass protests and political action, change comes from corporate Australia getting behind social justice movements. So now the question is, what are your senior leaders doing about this ridiculous transphobia from our elected officials and the press? One suggestion- withdraw advertising from transphobic press and tell them exactly why you are doing it and withdraw your votes from transphobic politicians.

This page sets out to list those newspapers and media organisations that have published what we see as transphobic commentary, along with politicians who have in our view expressed transphobic views. The definition of transphobia is as follows- actively speaking or promoting the notion that trans people should be treated as less. Actively speaking or acting in ways that encourage others to treat trans people as less. Deliberately using language that is intended to encourage or attempt to justify negative value judgments on people based solely on their gender identity.

Politicians encourage us to vote according to the alignment of our values with their policies, so we at TEPA are only supporting what they ask us to do. Media companies cannot expect to take your money while publishing things that do not align with your corporate values. We suggest you withdraw your votes and advertising from those who act in this way-

Further reading

The Bad

The Australia

The Sunday Telegraph 1,

Scott Morrison 1,
Tony Abbot 1, 2,
Lyle Shelton 1, 2, 3

Sky News eg. Outsiders and other programs


The Good


The Age 1,


SBS 1,


Warren Entsch 1, 2,

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