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Founder & CEO

Despite being a skilled communications specialist, Kate has had a difficult time in the workplace, facing discrimination often. Despite this, she has continued to develop an incredibly positive outlook on life and work. As well as finding full-time work, Kate would like to up-skill in the areas of leadership and communications


Some course ideas would be

Managerial Leadership
Communication Management Professional (CMP)
Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP)

Direct Sponsorship

While Kimberly is Founder of Trans Employment Australia, her life and career progression have been significantly impacted by her pre-transition mental health and by her transition. A business owner for over a decade, Kimberly lost her two homes, her successful business, her personal wealth and her marriage. For a period she lived in a demountable building on a university campus in exchange for duties performed during the evening to assist students.  She moved to Sydney with a suitcase and $400.

Kimberly's desire is to register Trans Employment Program Australia as a registered charity and to grow it into a significant program. As such she wants to ensure she has the leadership skills to do that.

Her learning and development goal is to complete the Monash University Executive Ready Program which is a 7 month long course costing $9900 plus GST.